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Living Faithfully Today (Page 3)

Daniel Sermon

Broken for how long?

Daniel 12:4 to 13 – The End Times. Daniel has had the future countries and empires and God’s influence over the End Times. Two questions are asked; When shall the end be? And, what shall the end be? These two questions are asked and answered here, in the end of the book.

Daniel Sermon

Prepare for Battle

Daniel 10:1 to 11:1 Daniel’s Vision of a Man This section is the subject of two linked sermons. The second part covers Daniel 11:1 to 12:3. This chapter and chapter 12 make up one entire vision and prophecy, communicated to Daniel for the use of the church, as previously(Dan. 7:1-8:27), but by express words. Download…

Daniel Sermon

Hope in the Darkness

Daniel 9:20-27 – The Seventy “Sevens” The answer that was immediately sent to Daniel’s prayer, made in the first part of the chapter. It is striking as it contains the most vivid prediction of Christ and gospel-grace in the Old Testament. Download Here