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Saint Mary's Church

St Mary’s Sileby

St Mary’s Sileby

St. Mary’s, Sileby is open on Wednesday afternoons for a cup of tea and a chat;
also on Friday mornings in school term time from 09.00 to 12.30 to look round.

Sileby Parish Church is a Grade II* listed building.  Only 4% of listed buildings in England are of this status and are classified as particularly important buildings of more than special interest.  Sileby Church has its own Friends organisation which is very active and supportive in raising funds to assist with maintenance and the enhancement of facilities.

It has a fine pinnacled tower, and is a very good example of medieval art.  A description of the church along with a number of pictures are available on the “Leicestershire and Rutland Churches” website.   Further architectural details are also provided by Pevsner and may be accessed on the “Charnwood Listed Buildings” website.  This site also includes an aerial view of the locality.

What is so Special about St. Mary’s Church?

The earliest part of the church building dates from the 12th century, which makes it over 850 years old.  The church roof dates back to the 15th century – look up to see the carved angels and roof bosses.



Carved angles and roof bosses


Church Bells:

The sound of bells ringing is deeply routed in British culture. There is a ring of 10 bells, with the oldest being at least 380 years old; the newest bells of the ring were installed in 1981.  Although not cast as a complete ring, and varying greatly in age, they are of excellent tone. The Church Bellringers practice most Wednesdays from 7:45 pm to 9:00 pm, beginners are always welcome.
For more information please contact Barbare Cotgreave 01509 813090

Sileby Church - Kitchen

Modern Church:

In recent years, through the fund-raising efforts of the Friends of St. Mary’s, two major projects have been successfully completed; firstly the refurbishment of the roof, and secondly the installation of a new electrical system.
The latest modernisation of the church has only recently been completed (2008) with the installation of the new toilet and kitchen facilities, along with an open meeting area.


Friends of St Mary’s

Aims of Friends of St Mary’s

Friends of St Mary’s was formed in 1999 to raise awareness of the significance of St Mary’s Church and to provide funds to help maintain the fabric of the Church. Friends have provided funds through events, subscriptions and grants. The Friends do not raise funds to support the church ministry in the parish.
Friends are governed by a written constitution and an annual meeting is open to all members. 
Officers are elected, and the committee formed at this meeting

Friends of St Mary’s Membership

Anyone over 18 or any family may become members. Membership of Friends is by payment of an annual subscription or a Life-membership subscription. Friends receive an annual Newsletter and an invitation to the annual general meeting.

What Friends have achieved

Through the generous support of the local community and church family, Friends has provided funds to repair the north nave and chancel roofs, update the church electrical and lighting systems, repair of the church tower and to the north side of church, surface water drainage and blue-brick gutter repairs

Since the formation of Friends £219,750 has been raised or received in grants and £215,675 contributed towards all the major repairs to the church building.


Chairperson:    Iris Stevens     Phone: 01509 813986  Email: [email protected]

Treasurer:        John Burton    Phone 01509 815525  Email:  [email protected]

Secretary:         Lynne Root    Phone 01509 812792  Email:  [email protected]

Beverly Burton
Joan Gamble
Janet Howe
Honor Neale
Rosemary Rawdon
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