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The Church reopens

The Church Re-opens

As of now, we are running a 9:00 o’clock morning prayer at Saint Mary’s Sileby and on the 6th of September we plan to run a 9:30am morning prayer at Cossington, An 11:00 o’clock service at Saint Mary’s with children’s work, and a 5:00pm outdoor songs of praise at Seagrave. We will be taking steps to make sure that all of these events are run safely and are COVID-19 secure.

If we find that more people wish to attend that we can Safely place in the church then we may have to run a second service in that church. we will be making the 11:00 o’clock service at Sileby a Facebook live service so that if you cannot attend because you’re shielding you will be able to take part in the service.

The situation is under constant review and the congregation will be advised of further dates as things develop.