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Adaana New Life Choir

Abaana New Life Choir Accommodation needed

Abaana New Life Choir in May

We desperately need two more host families, if we can’t get them we will have to consider cancelling the visit.

Please have a word with Beverly for more details but basically you would be required to host one chaperone and two children (of the same gender). Provide a meal, bath and bed on Sunday 19th afer the concert. Breakfast and a packed lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a hot evening meal, bath and bed on Monday and Tuesday. You will need to collect and drop them at St. Mary’s Centre when required and help out by washing clothes if necessary.

It would be ideal if you had two spare bedrooms, one for the chaperone and one for the children. However, just one large room so that all three could sleep together (the chaperones are happy on an airbed) would also work.