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Child Safeguarding Policy

The following policy was first agreed at the meeting of the Benefice Council on 8 July 2013, acting on behalf of the Parochial Church Councils of Sileby, Cossington and Seagrave and then adopted by each PCC. The policy was re-affirmed, using the Diocesan Model Safeguarding Children’s Policy and subsequent changes incorporated into this policy, on 1st June 2018.  In the document each reference to Benefice Council indicates that this body is acting on behalf of the PCCs of Sileby, Cossington and Seagrave. The Benefice Council affirms the principles of the House of Bishops’ Policy for Safeguarding Children (contained in Protecting All God’s Children) and is committed to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of the children and young people in its care. Signed copies of this document can be found on the notice boards of each of the parish churches.

Download from the link below:

Child Protection Policy

The Child Protection Co-ordinator for the Benefice is:

Marty Melody

Marty Melody

Tel: 01509 815844

Email: Protection Policy 4


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