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Christmas Shoe Bax

Christmas Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes

We know Christmas is coming when it gets close to shoe box time. The ladies at the Wednesday coffee and chat have done a marvellous job wrapping boxes – we just need to fill them now!

Completed boxes are fantastic but if you can’t manage to do a full box on your own then donations of single items are very welcome. We make up boxes for boys and girls in three age ranges; 2 – 4yrs, 5 – 9yrs and 10 – 14yrs. Please have a look below at items that are acceptable. All items must be new.


Doll, cuddly toy, toy truck or car, skipping rope, small ball, yo-yo, small puzzle, small musical toy School Supplies Pens, crayons, pencils, sharpener, felt tips, writing pads, colouring books, eraser, solar calculator.

Hygiene Items

Toothbrush, toothpaste, individually wrapped bar of soap, comb, hairbrush, flannel.

Other Items

Hat, cap, gloves, scarf, sunglasses, hair accessories, wind up torch,jewellery, sweets (must have a sell by date of at least March 2019)

Please note that the following items cannot be sent:

Any used or damaged items, war related items such as toy guns, clothing except hat, gloves, scarf, standard playing cards, liquids, lotions including play bubbles, medicines, hand-made stuffed toys, fragile items, chocolate or food, books with lots or word in, anything of a political, religious or racial nature.

Also we would really welcome donations of cash. It costs £5 per box to send so any amount would be gratefully received.

For more information speak to Linda or Kirsty Cunnington