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Midlands Womens Convention

Midland’s Women’s Convention – Solihull

Women’s Convention, Saturdays 12th October

The women’s convention will be held on Saturdays in Birmingham (12th). This is a great opportunity for women of all ages to get together and discover what the bible has to say to them. Hannah Fox the main speaker will be focussing on 1 and 2 Samuel. The seminars cover a range of topics from “women discipling to women” and “what the bible has to say about anxiety.” There will be separate sessions for the 14 – 17 year old helping them understand that the Lord is our rock in the chaos of school, college and all the conflicting ideas of the world we live in.

The cost is £18 and you need to bring your own lunch, drinks are provided. To book please go to: before 3rd October. There are a few leaflets at the back of St. Mary’s church.